About Us


We’re the first Egyptian Mandala e-commerce brand. Currently We design and produce all of our products locally. We draw our inspiration from traditional knowledge of ancient India and celebrated festivals. 

We blend decoration and fashion with the healing mandala designs so we can keep the positive vibes everywhere.

We started in 2016, literally in our founder's bedroom in India!

Our initial stock was of around 60 Tapestry, and we actually managed to sell all those tapestries within days. The money was reinvested into getting more tapestries from India and fast forward the stock moved from our co-founder’s bedroom in Egypt to an inventory store where we managed to operate and do all the tasks from the inventory store.


Our founder back to Egypt from India end of 2017 with a mandala passion and start planning to blend the mandala and boho designs with bags, slippers, T-Shirts, canvas and curtains side a side with new mandala tapestries and produce it here in Egypt yet to export it globally.

Currently we produce all of our products 100% in Egypt with a very high quality and gladly ship around the world. 

We’re still growing very quickly. Today, it’s not uncommon to stumble upon HENDI tapestries in TV shows, bed Rooms and open areas in Egypt. 



Our advertising efforts have helped us reach over 2 million Egyptians to date, and this number continues to grow rapidly.

We also design and manufacture our products 100% in Egypt. We have strict quality control measures that apply to all of our manufacturing partners, allowing us to deliver beautiful, high-quality products at affordable prices.